Happy Kids Circle Boost Program

Happy Kids Circle was born in 2013 out of a love for children and teaching English. We are dedicated to children, their unique personalities and learning styles so that they can “Play, Learn and Grow” in English.

We use authentic and engaging activities to capitalise on the children’s innate capabilities to create lifelong learning experiences. Children learn intuitively and learning is easier the more fun it is!!

Our holistic approach to English gives the kids :

• better cognitive skills all around 

• better problem solving skills

• better critical thinking skills 

• enhanced creativity 

• greater self-confidence

• greater cultural adaptation and flexibility 

We teach exclusively in English as we would to native speakers, so as to give the children a natural accent and a natural speaking style. We are committed to: 

• small groups —where each child gets the required attention.

• using only authentic, fun and stimulating material.

By joining Happy Kids Circle you are providing your child(ren) with a head start in life, cultivating a positive mindset and investing in their future through this exciting learning journey.

There are 3 groups adapted to the child’s level and age: Happy Starters, Happy Jumpers and Happy Flyers.

 Happy Kids Circle Boost Program